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Podcasting 101

Shorten your podcasting-learning curve
Do I need this course?

The need for this course

The biggest lesson for believers over the last two years is this. You must create a media outlet for prophetic news and for the messages of the King of kings. If you know that mainstream media will not serve the needs of the Kingdom and its citizens, then podcasting is for you. This course will shorten your podcasting-learning curve. In 30 days or less, you will become a podcast host, who relies on the direction of Holy Spirit for your show in order to release the glory of the King into the airwaves. You may be able to search for how-to-videos on YouTube to figure out how to get your show up and running, but if you do not deal with the spiritual aspects of podcasting, then your show will not last, will not glorify God, will not impact the Kingdom and its citizens, will not serve the true needs of your tribe, and will not qualify you for the lasting rewards of the King.

Technical Requirements: Access to a laptop, PC, mobile device, or tablet, able to use a web browser (i.e., navigation to various websites, complete web forms, send emails), able to download software, and able to upload files to Dropbox or web forms.

Ideal Learner:

Spirit-filled, apostolic believers in business and ministry, who have a podcast idea and who believe God is calling them to start a podcast.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Utilize your podcast show as a dominating media force in the Kingdom of God
  2. Develop your technical and spiritual skills as a podcast host
  3. Create an apostolic arsenal of Kingdom messages and news
  4. Market your podcast in uncommon ways
  5. Deeply connect with, and serve, your tribe
  6. Create a podcast mastery checklist
  7. Expand your global reach

The Pina's

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About Us
Stanley graduated from two communication courses to help you in the area of podcasting. The first course was a Graphics Communication course at an elite college in the Northeast. Next, he was certified as a broadcaster by CSB Media Center.  

Karen has an eye for graphics.  She had an encounter with God, which caused her to become a podcasting host. Karen has been teaching and designing courses since the early 1990’s. She possesses a M.Ed. in Global Administration and Leadership.

The Pina’s hosted a 3-season, 5-star rated podcast with over 70 episodes. Now, they have the honor of teaching you.
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