Workmen Approved by God
Combined 50+ Years of experience
Ascending Students
Stanley & Karen Pina

Meet Your Glory Teachers

Your team pastors at THE HOUSE OF PRAYER - AN ARRMED DIAMEN. They specialize in ascension, heavenly success, and covering your earthen vessel with the knowledge of the glory.
Meet your Glory Teacher

Stanley Pina

Stanley is always teaching. When he isn't teaching, he is exercising his scribal gifts as an anointed artisan. For example, he illustrates book covers, designs ministerial garments, and creates apothecary for anointing oils. Stanley received a B.S. in Marketing, training at Gibbs College in the area of Graphics Communication, and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. More recently, he received training in the glorification process. He is the lead pastor at THOPAAD, which is a non profit organization. Stanley has been graced to write two books with his Kingdom wife.
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Meet your Glory Teacher

Karen Pina

Karen is a scribe of the King, whose body of work in the area of God's glory consists of 12 books, this learning community, an ascension gift assessment, a quarterly magazine, a glory tour, a virtual glory challenge, and a mentoring program. Karen is passionate about bringing others into heavenly places. She believes if she experiences glory daily, you can learn learn how to as well.
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