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Release the Glory

Ascend into the glory realm, visibly see His glory with your eyes, and release the glory in a safe environment. Your life will never be the same. Read the testimonials below and watch the video --->
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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Twenty (20) modules (count them) of goodness, which is one aspect of God's glory. In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the glory of God and why is it important for every believer. This is the foundational course to every other course in this community. Start here.
Some of what you will learn in this course:

  • An introduction to the five types of glory
  • How to construct your own glory mantle versus chasing after another's mantle 
  • How to see the glory tangibly
  • How to live in glory daily
  • How to ascend into glory to garner results to every problem and situation
  • How to release glory into any geographical location
  • And so much more

Check out the 20 course modules below.

Course reviews

This course was the best I have experienced thus far. The practical tools exceeded my expectations. The love and labor the Pina’s exude for God and His people to ensure they become properly equipped with the knowledge of His glory is something I have not seen in many ministry leaders today. Now, I know how to ascend in glory to get God’s instructions to create wealth and to resolve any situation. I have been empowered to be an accurate reflection of Christ.
Leteisha Tate
I can release the glory of God in an instant in my workplace and in my home. Now, I understand the purpose and the person of Glory, who is Jesus. This class prepared me to be a vessel of glory. My hope is renewed.
Kevin Thom
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