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Your scribal artisan book-in-a-box includes:

Book Layout

Layout your book with the first non-written pages (i.e., copyright, introduction, foreword, rave reviews).

Make it Pretty & Presentable

Dress up your entire manuscript with drop caps for each chapter, equal text justification, italics, pop-out quotations, bold text, polish your author photo, and so much more.

Plus 9 Bonuses

This box includes nine bonuses, which will help you proofread your manuscript with grace, get unstuck, and supernaturally finish this book.
By the time you reach the end of the box, you will be ready to upload your book to your favorite publishing platform, such as Amazon. This box is for every apostolic and prophetic vessel, who can type, click the mouse, download software and files, copy and paste text, and who desires to glorify God through his or her Kingdom work.
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Book Editing
Just because you hear God, it does not mean you can forego editing the content in your book
Reordering Content
Reorder your manuscript for optimal reader retention and Holy Spirit flow
Custom Layout
fonts, drop caps, italics, and a custom book cover. Save design costs!

Bonus Content

9 Book-in-a-Box Bonuses

Writing as Ministry

This is two bonuses in one. In part one of the video bonus, you will learn how to prepare to minister through your book content. In part two of the video bonus, you will experience a scribal awakening.

Supernaturally Write Your Book

In this video, you will learn how to obey in a manner where you supernaturally write and publish your book.

Supernatural Writing Strategies | Do Not Let the Ink Run Dry

In this video bonus, you will learn how to supernaturally sidestep writer's block and how to keep the holy ink flowing.

Supernatural Writing Strategies | The Foreword & Rave Reviews

In this video bonus, you will learn supernatural strategies for handling the writing of the foreword, the rave reviews, and the first couple of pages in your book after the table of contents and the copyright page.

Supernatural Writing Strategies | Do Not Set that Deadline

If you are having a hard time setting a deadline date for publishing your book, Holy Spirit is leading you into something nontraditional. In this video, you will learn why we say, "Do not Set that Deadline!"

Pain Makes Great Content

In this video, you will learn how learn how your pain leaves clues for the contents of your book.

Our Writing Process | Tough Topics & Challenging Situations

In this bonus, you will explore how to utilize our writing process for the tough topics and challenging situations in your life.

Proofread With Grace

In this bonus, you will perfect your proofreading process with the grace and ease of Holy Spirit.

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I love what you have done with the devotional.
Vivian ugochukwu
I love my book cover. Thank you for helping me move into my next.
Phyllis lingard
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Why Us?

Stanley & Karen are scribes of the King. We are the authors of 14 books, 45 courses, 700 blog posts, and other types of business communication. We have perfected the book writing and self-publishing process for apostolic and prophetic vessels. In addition to our personal experiences, we are educated in business administration, graphics communication, broadcasting, and teaching. Go here to see some of our work.

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